Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Point Reyes National Seashore

About an hour's drive north of the Golden Gate bridge gets you to Point Reyes National Seashore. Miles of beaches and some lovely camping were the highlights for us, but there is plenty more to explore. Cassia pretty much squealed with delight every time her dad had to run away from a wave.

 Getting ready for the two mile hike to the campsite.

 I carried all the children and James got the rest of the camping gear, which surprisingly fit into one backpack, despite the fact that we finally bought a 4-person family tent.

 Mind blown by the size of the sandbox at the beach.

 I was trying to capture how small C's footprints are next to mine, but instead I discovered that she really does have her dad's genes for footsize.

 Belly and toes

 Getting buried proved very popular.

Getting ready for the hike back with "Tiny Little Baby" attached in the baby carrier.
Unfortunately we lingered at the beach too long and forgot to pack a lunch for day two. So at this point we knew that we would not make it back to the car without a full-blown melt down. We were right, but it was worth it.

San Fransisco

 We were lucky enough to spend a week in warm and sunny San Fransisco over spring break. J's dad lives in the area and generously lent us an apartment (with amazing views like the one above) and a car. It was pretty luxurious to wear shorts and sandals, eat at delicious restaurants and forget completely about the existence of snow for a week.


Walking to the nearby playground.
C: "Will it be covered in snow?"

 Much ice cream was consumed.

 We did the tourist thing and hopped on a cable car. Cassia was definitely more into the camping and beaches.

 The view from Baker beach - San Fran has some amazing beaches right on the edges of the city.

How to carry your toddler if you forget the kid carrier (very popular with toddler).

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Big Kid Bed

Cassia all ready to help put her new bed together.

Working hard.

 Excited kid

 Testing out the new duvet cover.

First snuggles in the new bed!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Late October

Apparently I don't take pictures in the winter. But I am getting tired of the old post, so here are some shots from sunny October.

Runbike + leaf pile + style. She dresses herself these days.

This tastiness lasted into the first week of November. I am definitely going to encourage the ever-bearing raspberries to spread in the patch.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cassia in a Box

She loves this game...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hornby Island

 Spent some time mountain biking and beach combing on Hornby this summer.

Crab hunting.

She doesn't always smile for the camera.

 Hornby's Elementary School

 Awesome community centre entrance.

 Exploring the sandstone down at Ford's Cove.

 Adorable and tame (unless you have a garden on Hornby).

 Bikes at the recycling depot/free store.

Our old sailboat! We sold this very boat after a spring and a summer adventure back in 2009. We knew it might be somewhere on Denman Island and then spotted it right at the ferry terminal. Happy to see that it is in great shape and looking ready for an adventure.

Gulf Islands

We went cycle touring! Like, way back in August or something. 
Luckily Meghan actually updates her blog promptly and with words and stuff.

Sunshine and muscles

East Point on Saturna Island.

Organized hitch hiking - gotta love the Gulf Islands.